Why Term Limits are Bad

  • Term limits are a corporate scam to give corporations even more political power than they already have.
  • Term limits just guarantee that elected officials will be perpetual amateurs, while corporations can hire career professional lobbyists who will run circles around them.
  • Term limits to NOT guarantee you get better people in government, but they DO ensure the people you want to keep have to leave.
  • They also discourage dedicated public-minded individuals from entering public service, since they can have no career stability.
  • They also guarantee a speedup of the revolving door, where newly elected legislators will pass legislation that favors corporations, and then get rewarded by those corporations with cushy jobs when their term limit expires.
  • Or alternatively, they encourage politicians to jump up the ladder to ever-higher office instead of sticking around to serve their constituents. The only way to move up fast is to get money from corporations and special interest groups, who then own the offices they paid for.
  • Also term limits will encourage exactly the kind of behavior they are intended to prevent, since legislators who have no chance of being re-elected will have no incentive to pass laws that benefit their constituents.
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